Google still dwarfs Facebook on the infrastructure front


In a tech world obsessed with the battle of the platforms and semi-obsessed with counting servers and drooling over data centers, I think it’s worth seeing how Google (s goog) and Facebook (s fb) stack up based on their latest earnings reports.

I’m not sure exactly what the charts below say, but I think they say Facebook will probably never match Google in terms of server footprint or revenue. Investors might be happy with lower capital expenditures, but the counterpoint is that heavy infrastructure investment is a sign of growth and preparation for big things to come. Although, perhaps nobody ever thought Facebook would match Google in any meaningful way, so maybe that’s not such a big deal.

First, though, several caveats worth pointing out:

  • Facebook still leases some data center space and I’ve included that number in its infrastructure investment in quarters where the company has disclosed it…

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