South Sound Shock return to Gig Harbor, voice frustrations over ‘PASL politics’

Great article from David Falk on PASL Commissioner Kevin Milliken.

SSFC-Crest-584by David Falk

TACOMA, WA — The South Sound Shock will play in Gig Harbor this winter in the Premier Arena Soccer League after the league again denied them permission to play at the Tacoma Soccer Center. The Shock are based in The City of Destiny but since joining the PASL in 2011 they’ve played their home matches in Tumwater and Gig Harbor. Owner John Crouch has just about had enough of the league and its decisions.

“I am really not happy to tell it but here you go,” Crouch fumes. “We are not allowed to play at Tacoma Soccer Center again. The saga of protecting friends and the local indoor soccer arena politics continue to influence our ability to have a strong club.” Crouch is referring to previous and ongoing issues between the Tacoma Soccer Center, Its operator Lane Smith, its former operator Marian Bowers, and the…

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The price of beer at Oktoberfest completely defies economic logic


Beer is what economists call an elastic good; the more it costs, the less of it people buy. But at Oktoberfest, Germany’s debaucherous annual beer festival in Munich, the rule doesn’t exactly hold. In fact, it gets flipped on its head.

When this year’s beer festival kicks off on Saturday, more than 7 million beer drinkers will gather to drink some 15 million liter glasses. If they are sober enough, they will notice that their lagers, ales and stouts cost more than they did last year. As is the case almost every year, the price of beer at the Oktoberfest has risen faster than inflation, according to UniCredit Research’s Oktoberfest 2013 report. The average beer at this year’s festival will cost €9.66 ($13)—3.6% more than it did last year.

Considering that inflation in Germany is currently hovering somewhere closer to 1.5%, festival goers should be outraged. And yet, like they…

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Most Popular WordPress Security Plugins

Good list for securing your WordPress install.

Professional Web Designing and Development

Online security is such a big issue these days. We, ourselves, have been the target of massive security attacks. Whether you have been in the same situation, or you simply want to make sure that your WordPress site is as secure as possible, here is an infographic that can help you.

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People behind the EPLWA: John Crouch, SSFC

Pretty cool how you can start a team with your friends and watch it take off to the national level.

by David Falk

John Crouch ( has been living the joys and realities of running a football club for quite some time now. His South Sound FC ( have played indoors in the PASL and outdoors against some high-level locals. This week the South Sound Shock U-23’s traveled to the national finals of the USASA in San Antonio, Texas.

Crouch has been working behind the scenes in recent months, networking with local clubs that might want to form an adult men’s league outdoors. His efforts are combining with the rest of the Evergreen Premier League movement going forward. On July 19, the first day that applications were opened to join the EPLWA, Crouch submitted one for South Sound Football Club, based in the greater Tacoma area.

SSFC-Crest-584In the Premier Arena Soccer League (indoors) last season the Shock won the Northwest Division and flew to San Diego for Nationals…

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Google still dwarfs Facebook on the infrastructure front


In a tech world obsessed with the battle of the platforms and semi-obsessed with counting servers and drooling over data centers, I think it’s worth seeing how Google (s goog) and Facebook (s fb) stack up based on their latest earnings reports.

I’m not sure exactly what the charts below say, but I think they say Facebook will probably never match Google in terms of server footprint or revenue. Investors might be happy with lower capital expenditures, but the counterpoint is that heavy infrastructure investment is a sign of growth and preparation for big things to come. Although, perhaps nobody ever thought Facebook would match Google in any meaningful way, so maybe that’s not such a big deal.

First, though, several caveats worth pointing out:

  • Facebook still leases some data center space and I’ve included that number in its infrastructure investment in quarters where the company has disclosed it…

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Evergreen Premier League: Now accepting club applications for 2014 season

Here’s to hoping the Evergreen Premier League takes off.


by David Falk

The Evergreen Premier League is now accepting club applications for the 2014 season that is planned to run from May through July. Below you will find a link that takes you to the online application page. Before you go there, please read below for more information.

Evergreen Premier League

200-fbThe EPLWA will be a statewide amateur adult men’s league in Washington. It will feature FIFA regulation eleven v. eleven “outdoor soccer” matches and a traditional “table” with the champion decided by whomever wins the regular season. We’d like to start our first season with ten clubs, thus being able to feature a balanced home/away schedule of 18 matches running May-July. We are looking for serious club owners, coaches and players to compete in what would be a high adult level of play. We are looking for owners and communities who understand and will foster “football club” culture…

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